What can I do with iClicker Cloud after class is over?

Access your course on iClicker.com to perform these actions.

Step 1: Working with polling information

  • On the course list, click the name of the course you want to work with.

  • The Session History shows all of the activities for each class session.

  • Click the name of the poll or quiz you want to work with.
  • The Questions tab shows each question in the poll. If you haven't graded the poll. To grade Multiple Choice questions, click the correct answer(s). For Target questions, draw a square around the correct region. For Short Answer questions, click the best answer(s) from the list of student responses or type the best answer in Other Responses. Click Save.

  • Close the Grading panel by clicking the X icon.
  • The Grades tab shows current scores for each student who participated in a poll or quiz. Click a students name to view details. Click any activity (poll) to see the students responses.

  • To adjust their score, click the current value. Make any changes and then click Save.


Step 2: View and Sync Scores with the Canvas Gradebook (optional).

  • Click Gradebook. The Gradebook shows student-by-student information for the polls and quizzes for each class session. The list includes students who have participated in a class activity. The Overview tab shows high level information and the Details tab shows session specific information. Click an individual students score to adjust their score and click Save.

  • When you are ready to sync these scores with your Canvas Gradebook, click Sync Grade in the upper right.
  • Choose the session(s) to sync,

  • Click Sync in the lower right.
  • Check the Canvas Gradebook to make sure the scores synced successfully.


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