How do I use iClicker Cloud during class?

Step 1: Start your class in the iClicker Cloud app

  • Open the iClicker Cloud app (on the Zoom PC or from your laptop).
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Ignore the blue "Join Code".
  • Hover over the name of the course and then click Start Class:


Step 2: Run a poll

  • With the question slide displayed, click the Checkmark.

  • Select the question type from the list.

  • Click the green Start button to start polling.
  • Watch the number of responses and, when you are ready, click the red Stop button to stop polling.

  • Click the Graph icon to view the poll results. Click the answer to mark it correct.
    NOTE: If the question type was Target, indicate the correct region on the image. If the question type was Short Answer, select the best anser(s) from the student responses or type on in.
  • Click < to go back to the main menu.


Step 3: End the class session

  • End the class session by clikcing the X on the toolbar. 

  • Click End Class with Exit Poll to let your studnets provide feedback about the session. NOTE: The questions in the Exit Poll cannot be customized. Otherwise, click End Class.

NOTE: To view and download exit poll responses, click the Notifications icon in the upper right.


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