How do I update my course settings in iClicker Cloud?

  1. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of your course and choose Settings.

CS Cloud Research dropdown

  1. The information under Course Details is what you entered when you created your course. Make any changes you feel appropriate.
  2. Under Devices, choose the devices which students can use to participate in class.
    NOTE: Students with an iClicker Classic remote CAN participate in responding to all questions EXCEPT short answer, numeric, and target questions.
    You will need to connect an iClicker base to your laptop or the ZoomPC in order for students with iClicker Classic remotes to participate.
  3. Change the setting under Attendance if you wish to use features like Location to require that your students be physically in the classroom. For more information click here.  
  4. Update the information under Polling, including whether you want to send pictures of your question slides and results to your students during class or after words and your scoring preferences.
  5. To run a quiz in class, check your settings under Quizzing. For more information on Quizzes in iClicker Cloud click here.

CS Cloud Research options

  1. Click Save.


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