What are the T1V ThinkHub interactive displays in Engineering classrooms?

T1V ThinkHubs are sophisticated, interactive display systems currently available in select CAEN-supported classrooms. In their simplest form, interactive displays are electronic whiteboards that allow annotation of visual content during class, and that content can be saved for later use and distribution. The displays’ more active functionality allows instructors to open web browsers, launch Zoom Meetings, and feature and modify multiple PDFs, all at one time. Both in-person and remote users can upload and download content and manipulate the content on the screen.

Traditional equipment in these designated classrooms, such as Zoom PCs and projectors/displays, will remain available and work the same as before.

More information can be found at: https://mosaic.engin.umich.edu/t1v-interactive-displays/

The teams in the office of the ADUECAEN, and CRLT-Engin hope that these displays will enhance the in-person teaching experience. To receive a demo, seek technical assistance, learn how to strategically incorporate these displays into teaching, or give feedback on their use, contact us at adue.engin@umich.edu.

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