How do I create a nomination for a College Award in the Faculty Honors and Awards System (HAA)?

The College of Engineering Honors and Awards (HAA) system is permitted only to designated administrators and award nomination staff. Please reach out to the ADAA’s office if you should have access to create nominations for your department.

Once you have been granted access to the system for your department:

  • Navigate to the faculty list for the current awards year. (The current awards year is set in departmental preferences by administrators.)
  • Select the faculty member who will be nominated.
    This will take you to the awards page for that faculty member. Here, you will see all nominations for that faculty member, including historical records. Awards in progress will be listed at the top, awards attained will be listed next, and other historical (non-awarded) records will be listed at the bottom.
  • Complete the nomination for the given faculty member.
    • If the nomination has already begun, click on the edit icon to navigate to the nomination page for that award.
    • Otherwise, select Initiate Nomination to begin a new nomination. For College of Engineering awards, choose College of Engineering as the awarding entity. Depending on the award, you must then choose either a specific award, or an award group. The system will not let you choose the same award or award group multiple times in a given year.
    • If any data sheets are required for the nomination packet, links to them will be provided on the nomination page. Click on the Research, Education & Teaching, and/or Service data sheets as needed, and enter all required information.
    • At any time, you can navigate back to the nomination page for that award and download a draft data sheet.
    • When you are satisfied that all information is complete in all data sheets, mark each one as complete. Once all data sheets are marked as complete, you may download the non-draft PDF to add to the nomination packet you submit to the awards committee.
    • When you submit the award packet, change the status of the award to Submitted.
    • When the awards committee determines whether or not the nominated faculty member has won the award, update the record to either Awarded or Not Awarded, as appropriate.
  • If you wish others to see the nomination details, you can add them as team members on that nomination page. You will need to share the link to the nomination page with any team members separately.


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