What are the admin features in Faculty Activity Reports (FAR)?

Users with the far_admin role have access to the Admin menu. This documentation will walk through each section of the Admin menu.

Department Preferences


  • Support Contact: the uniqname of the contact that will receive technical support questions.
  • Automated notifications from email: the uniqname or MCommunity group that will serve as the 'from' address for automated notifications.
  • Automated notifications from name: the name that will appear along with the 'from' address for automated notifications (e.g. John Smith).
  • Include impact fields in profile: enabling this option will result in the Impact Summary section being shown on the faculty’s profile page. Preview the Impact Summary Form
  • Include a snapshot of impact fields in finalized FAR: the Impact Summary will be included in the Finalized FAR and FAR PDF.
  • Custom Chair Evaluation Title: the descriptor for your department’s evaluation of faculty. If no custom title is entered, the form will be called the Chair Evaluation. (The form itself can be enabled under Manage Cycles)
  • Faculty Landing Page Text: the text that will show up for faculty on the home page of their FAR (i.e., https://deptapps.engin.umich.edu/far/home/)

Manage Cycles


Cycles determine between which dates faculty and administrators can make changes to a given year's FARs.

Creating/Updating a Cycle

  • FAR Year: The year for the cycle.
  • Open Date & Close Date: these dates determine the window in which a faculty’s FAR is editable.
  • Faculty Deadline Date: a “soft” deadline that will appear at the top of the faculty’s FAR. The Faculty member will still be able to edit after the Faculty Deadline until the Close Date.
  • Require LEO Lecturers to complete an evaluation with their reviewer before finalizing their FAR: enabling this will introduce the Lecturer/Reviewer workflow and will add a Lecturer Evaluations tab to the navigation.
  • Enable the ability to create a custom Chair Evaluation form and display it once a FAR is finalized: enabling this will add the Chair Evaluation workflow and will add the Chair Eval Questions and Chair Eval List as sub-items to the Admin Menu.
  • Current Cycle: One cycle at a time may be marked as the "current" cycle. For example, if 2022 is set as the current cycle, only FARs for the year 2022 are editable. 

Far Sections (Next Cycle)

FAR Admins can enable/disable which subsections will show on the FAR from this area. Enabling/disabling subsections will only impact the next cycle you create.

Manage Tracks


On this page, FAR Admins can choose which job title tracks the department allows to access the Faculty FAR. e.g., if your department wants Lecturers to fill out a FAR, from the + Add Track interface, you can search “lecturer” and add the relevant tracks.

Dept Customized Questions


This form builder allows you to add department-specific questions that will appear on each faculty member's FAR under the Additional Information section.

Adding/Editing a Question

  • Question Type: you can choose from Text Input for short answer questions, Text Area for long answer questions, Checkbox, Dropdown (in which the options will come from a list which can be managed from List Admin), Yes/No, and Multiple File Upload (one per form).
  • Question Title: this will display as the main question.
  • Question Text: this will display as the question prompt/placeholder.
  • This is a sub-question: enabling this will nest the question under the question preceding it.
  • This is a required field: enabling this will make the question require input from faculty.

Chair Evaluation Form


This form builder allows you to add a custom form for evaluating faculty members that only far_admins can see and edit. This form and its input will not be displayed to the faculty member. The form builder has the same Add/Edit options as Dept Customized Questions > Adding/Editing a Question.

Chair Evaluation List


This page will list all Faculty who have finalized their FAR. Each row includes a link to the faculty’s FAR, Chair Evaluation, FAR PDF, and CV PDF. The Chair Eval Status column shows whether the Chair has submitted his/her evaluation of the faculty member.

If the Chair has submitted his/her evaluation, a PDF download of the evaluation will become available. It is up to the Chair to share his/her evaluation with the faculty member--it is by default never shared outside of FAR Admins.

Access List


This page lists all users with access to the FAR system. Note: granting faculty access to fill out the FAR is done from the Manage Tracks section.

Edit Access


Grant various levels of access to users from this page. Note: granting faculty access to fill out the FAR is done from the Manage Tracks section.

  • far_admin: access to everything in FAR including the ability to edit a FAR and manage access.
  • far_lec_admin: access to the lecturer eval management interface.
  • far_proxy: access to edit someone else's far.
  • far_viewer: access to view everything but can't edit data or manage access.

View Error Reports (super admins only)


Super admins (e.g., IT Staff like developers) can see faculty-reported errors from this section. They can update the status of the error (Unresolved, Resolved, In Progress, Duplicate) and add a note regarding the error’s steps towards resolution.


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