How do I configure widgets to only appear on certain pages of my website?

By default, widgets added to a WordPress website will appear on every page of the site. However, if you would like a widget to only appear on a particular page(s) of your site, CAEN can add this functionality for you. To begin, simply contact CAEN to request this additional "Widget Visibility" feature.

Once the feature as been added, access your site's widgets from the Dashboard by selecting Appearance >> Widgets:


Find the widget you would like to configure in the Left or Right Sidebar menu, and expand its settings. To the left of the blue Save button, you should now see a button labeled Visibility:

Click this button, and you will be presented with options to either Show or Hide the widget based on the type of content. For example, you can have the widget only be shown for a specific page or post, or you can hide the widget for any type of page or post, including those with particular categories or tags:

Use the Delete | Add links to remove or add criteria to the widget visibility, and don't forget to click Save once you are done.


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