How do I configure widgets to only appear on certain pages of my WordPress website?

By default, widgets added to a WordPress website will appear on every page of the site. However, if you would like a widget to only appear on a particular page(s) of your site, this functionality can be toggled on from the Dashboard:

Navigate to Jetpack >> Settings, scroll down to the Widgets section, and toggle on “Enable widget visibility controls to display widgets only on particular posts or pages.” If you do not see the Jetpack tab on the left sidebar on your Dashboard, contact CAEN to request activation:

Jetpack settings

Now you can access your site's widgets from the Dashboard by selecting Appearance >> Widgets:

widgets under appearance

Find and select the widget you would like to configure in the Left Sidebar or Bottom Row menu, and expand its Advanced settings on the right-hand panel editor under the Block tab. A Visibility feature should be present with an option to add a new visibility rule.

Note: If the widget is in a widget group, the entire group must be selected in order to apply widget visibility features.

visibility settings for widgets

Click Add new rule. Widgets can either be shown or hidden (first drop-down menu) based on a certain “if” condition (second drop-down menu). “If” conditions include displaying widgets based on page, author of a page, tags on a page, and more. Rules can be removed using the Remove button:

if conditional for visibility

Multiple visibility rules can be present and “stacked” on one another by simply adding a new rule. Adding a new rule adds a new “if” condition - the option of showing/hiding the block remains the same.


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