How do I access the CPLEX development libraries on CAEN computers?

In order to comply with IBM licensing terms, steps must be taken by faculty advisors and course instructors who want their students to be able to use the CPLEX libraries in CAEN computer labs. For example, the CPLEX license agreement states that before CAEN can allow students to access the CPLEX libraries, the advisor/instructor must present evidence that he/she has joined the IBM Academic Initiative.

To request that your course and/or students have access to the CPLEX development libraries on CAEN computers, fill out and submit our Course Software Request form, including a statement attesting that you have joined the IBM Academic Initiative.


  • This does not affect access to the AMPL CPLEX solver. The AMPL CPLEX solver installed on CAEN computers comes from the vendor AMPL, and not from IBM.
  • U-M students, faculty, and research staff can download and install CPLEX on their personal computers at no cost. For more information, refer to our CPLEX Optimizer knowledge base article.
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