How can I access a Google Drive folder that someone has shared with me via Kumo on CAEN Windows computers?

While Kumo is useful for directly accessing folders stored in your personal U-M Google Drive account (i.e. My Drive), it currently does not provide direct access to those files and folders that others share with you (including Shared Drives). There is a way, however, to add them to your personal drive by following these steps:

  • Log into your U-M Google Drive account via web browser at:
  • In the left menu, click Shared with me, or use the Search in Drive bar at the top to locate the folder you wish to add.
  • Once you have located it, click on it once to highlight it.
  • While the folder is still highlighted, hold down the Shift key, then press Z (i.e. Shift+Z). A pop-up window will appear to allow you to add the folder to your Drive:

Google drive directory

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