How do I add an electronic signature (eSignature) to a Course Approval Research Form (CARF) in macOS?

The recommended software to add an electronic signature to a finalized Course Approval Request Form (CARF) in macOS is Preview.

To add an electronic signature (eSignature) to a CARF document, begin by downloading the CARF Google Document as a PDF. Go to File >> Download as >> PDF Document. The file will be saved wherever you have configured your web browser to save downloads.

If you use Google Chrome, you can find your file by clicking the arrow next to the downloaded file:

Open the PDF file in Preview on a Mac. If you use a mouse, right-click on the file. Alternatively, hold down the Ctrl key, and click on the file to bring up a menu. Choose Open With, and select Preview:

The file will open in the Mac Preview application, which will enable you easily to capture and place an electronic signature. Once the CARF PDF is open, navigate to the signature portion of the document and from the top menu select Tools >> Annotate >> Signature >> Manage Signatures…:

If you have previously saved eSignatures, they will already appear as options. Otherwise, a window should pop up asking you to record a signature:

The easiest way to proceed is to use your Trackpad. Click the Click Here to Begin button, and follow the instructions. Use the full width of your trackpad to create a signature with your finger (press firmly). When done recording the signature, lift your finger off the trackpad and press any key:

Press Clear to start over, and Done once you are happy with the signature. When your signature is complete, it will be available for you to drag onto the CARF document. Grab the signature from the menu that looks like a signature:

and click on it to add it to the CARF. Drag the signature to the appropriate location, and scale it as needed:

To add a date to the document, go to Tools >> Annotate >> Text:

This will give you a text box you can place on the document:

If you wish to change the size or styling of your text, you can do this from the A drop-down at the top of the Preview window:

Once you are happy with your signature, save the file. Share it with anyone else who may need to sign, or with the contact in your department who is responsible for gathering signatures.


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