How can delegates be assigned to enter Faculty Activity Report (FAR) data on behalf of faculty members?

The FAR system allows administrators (those with the far_admin role) to grant “far_proxy” roles that allow designated staff members to view FARs and enter data on behalf of any faculty member in your department. The system does not currently support assigning proxies/delegates only to specific faculty members.

Click the “Admin” dropdown from any page in the FAR application, and click on the “Access List” option.

admin dropdown


This will bring you to the “Access List” page. Click on the Edit Access - FAR hyperlink.

far sheet


A dropdown/input box will appear allowing you to search for the delegate(s) that you want to assign a proxy role to.

FAR edit access


After selecting delegate(s) click the add role button and select the “far_proxy” role.

role dropdown

Finally, save changes.

save changes for new role


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