How do I select which operating system to use on a CAEN computer?

All computers that run the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) are "dual-boot," meaning both Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux operating systems are available.

To switch to a different operating system, first reboot the computer:

  • To reboot from the Windows login screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click OK to accept the CAEN Conditions of Use. Click the power icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, then select Restart.
  • To reboot from the Linux login screen, select Restart from the list of options in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    • In addition, when already logged into Linux, there is a Reboot to Windows icon available in the Applications menu for quicker access to switch from Linux to Windows.

As the computer boots, a blue screen will be presented showing the operating system options available. Press the left/right arrow keys to highlight your OS choice, then press the Enter key. If you do not make a selection within 30 seconds, the computer will automatically boot into Windows.

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