How can I share the document camera output in a College classroom via Zoom?

When using a classroom document camera in a College classroom, there may be times when an instructor wants to share the output with remote students via Zoom sessions on their laptop. This is possible using the connections on the back of the camera:

Ports for classroom document camera

Some important notes:

  • There is a small plastic cover over the USB port (it is the smallest covered port, closest to the document camera's arm).
  • Instructors can borrow a USB cable from the room's iClicker receiver for use with the document camera if needed.
  • The camera will show up as a camera source on the laptop. This can be selected as the main camera feed in Zoom, which leaves content sharing available if slides are also being used.
  • The image will likely show up mirrored (flipped left to right) on the instructor's laptop, but it will display correctly to the remote participants.
  • Be aware the power on/off, zoom in/out, and focus button controls on the document camera. The focus button, in particular, may need to be pressed if the camera's arm is re-positioned.
  • The document camera can still be used with the projector in the room while using the USB connection. No other connections on the back of the document camera need to be unplugged or changed, e.g. an HDMI or VGA cable will be connected to the room's projector).
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