How do I log into Zoom on the PC in an Engineering classroom to begin streaming my lecture?

Most College of Engineering classrooms offer the ability to live stream lectures via Zoom on a computer located at the instructor lectern. The video and step-by-step instructions below detail how to log into the Zoom app to begin streaming. Step-by-step instructions for streaming lectures with Zoom can also be found on our Streaming Live in an Engineering Classroom page.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

After logging into the instructor PC, Zoom should open automatically. Otherwise, you can open it using the desktop shortcut:

Zoom app

If you see the following window, you will need to log into Zoom so you can see all of your scheduled meetings. Start by clicking the Sign In button:

Sign in button

Click Sign In with SSO, which stands for Single Sign-On:

Sign in with SSO button

Zoom will then ask for the domain to log into. umich should be pre-filled here; otherwise you type it in and click Continue:

SSO sign in

You can now log into Zoom using your U-M credentials. It will likely ask if you mean to switch apps. Click Yes to switch back to Zoom, and complete the sign-in process:

Sign in with SSO in browser

You should now be fully logged into Zoom. Click the Meetings icon at the top of the Zoom window to see your scheduled meetings, and start the meeting for your class:

Meetings button

When prompted, select to Join with Computer Audio, and the students will then be able to see and hear you:

Join with computer audio button

If for some reason you don’t see the room camera being displayed, open this arrow (^) menu next to the Stop Video icon at the bottom of the Zoom window, and make sure CLASSROOM CAMERA is selected:

Camera options

Finally, if you plan to show content on the projector, you can use Zoom’s screen sharing feature to send the projector feed. To do this, click the green Screen Share button at the bottom of the Zoom window, then click the Advanced tab, and select Content from 2nd Camera:

Advanced settings

From this point on, you can use the room as you always have, and it will be streamed to your remote students. You can select the source to show on the projector in the room using the touch panel on the lectern, and it will automatically be sent to the remote students as well:

Lecture capture tablet

Remember that for best audio quality, use the wireless microphone provided in the room. When finished, click to stop sharing, then end the Zoom meeting, and finally to log out of the PC by going to the Start menu and choosing Log Off:

Log off button windows

If you have any further questions about logging into Zoom in an Engineering classroom, please contact

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