How do the wireless microphone systems in the classrooms work? Can I use my own mic?

All College of Engineering classrooms have a Shure wireless microphone system. These three-piece systems consist of a lavalier-style mic, the transmitter unit that the mic plugs into, and the charging station. More information on using wireless mics in a classroom can be found on our main Classroom Microphones web page.

Note: Some rooms are equipped with an additional handheld wireless microphone. These operate in the same manner as the lavalier-style mic.

The video and step-by-step instructions below detail how to use the classroom microphone system, and also illustrate how instructors can use their own microphone to plug into the wireless transmitter in the classroom. 

Video Overview

Step-by-Step Instructions

All College of Engineering classrooms include a Shure wireless microphone system, which consists of a charging station, transmitter, and a lavalier-style microphone:

Lecture recording tools

If you wish to use your own Shure microphone in a classroom, you will only need to bring the small (lavalier) mic with cord:

Personal microphone

To connect your Shure personal microphone, first remove the transmitter unit from the charging station, and find the small black button on the side of the microphone connector. Press and hold this in while pulling straight out:

Microphone transmitter

Now you can plug in your Shure personal microphone. Note below how the circular connector has a notch or key, so it only plugs into the transmitter at the correct orientation:

Coord for microphone

Insert the connector so that the pins line up and the connector goes in freely. Then just apply a little force until it clicks in. Now turn on the microphone by sliding the power switch on top of the transmitter to the on position:

Transmitter being on

When clipping the microphone to your shirt, make sure it is about six inches below your chin, and you are ready:

Microphone clip to put on shirt

When you are finished presenting, please turn off the transmitter, and swap back the microphone that was provided in the room. As a last step, please return the transmitter to the charging station, so it has power for the next time a presenter needs it:

Transmitter charging station


If you have questions about this process or about purchasing a new Shure mic, please contact


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