Why are some Linux Remote Login/VNC servers restricted by location?

Many Michigan Engineering courses require the use of applications in the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) remotely over a network, but some software vendors have license restrictions that limit the locations from which students can access them over the network, and many may only be used from on-campus networks. In order to comply with these types of license restrictions, CAEN created the oncampus-course.engin.umich.edu server pool. This server pool allows on-campus students (i.e. those connected to the campus MWireless wireless network or wired network) to access the majority of software provided in the CLSE.

login-course.engin.umich.edu provides access to software that is licensed for use from any network location.

To determine if the software you need to use is restricted from off-campus access, search our online software listing.


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Mon 5/3/21 1:03 PM
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