How should I save or access files while using WSL?

There are two main locations for how to access and save files from WSL:

CAEN Home Directory

To access your home directory, you will need to make a new folder, and mount the Windows N: drive using the following commands:

mkdir /mnt/n
mount -t drvfs N: /mnt/n
cd /mnt/n/dotfiles

After that, you will be able to work with your personal Linux files and data.

If you wish to also access the Windows files stored in your CAEN home directory, you can change locations using:

cd /mnt/n/windat.v2

C: Drive

Note: Files stored locally on the computer's C: drive are completely temporary, and not saved to the network. If you wish to save or store files for future use, the CAEN home directory option (via the N: drive as described above) is recommended.

The computer’s C: drive is automatically mounted to the path /mnt/c, and temporary space is available to individuals in /mnt/c/Users/uniqname, where uniqname is your personal U-M uniqname.

To access your temporary space for working with files, use:

cd /mnt/c/Users/uniqname
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