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LSA Physics specifics for printing from a Linux machine.



If you want to print from a Linux machine to the Xerox printer listed below, you need to use Xerox Print Manager in order to use all available options. 

These instructions are for machines managed in partnership with LSA Technology Service Desktop Support teams, if you are installing these printers on a personal computer, you will need to create a ticket to have your alternate account added to the Linux print server.

You can email with the details of your request to automatically create a ticket, or please feel free to visit our website and submit a help ticket.


Linux OS 


  • 2416rand-color (MPrint name: m-rand-2416-color-1)
  • 2460rand (MPrint name: m-rand-2460-bwmultil-1)
  • 379wh (MPrint name: m-wh-379-colormulti-1)
  • 3444rand-color (MPrint name: m-rand-3444-colormulti-1) (group restricted access)
  • 4419rand (MPrint name: m-rand-4419-bwmulti-1) (group restricted access)


  1. Download the driver package (.tar.gz file) from the Driver section for your printer listed in this article: Printer queues (Physics).
  2. Extract the package: tar xvzf file.tar.gz
  3. Change to the extracted directory: cd file
  4. Run the install script as root: sudo ./install
  5. The script will install xeroxprtmgr (xeroxofficeprtmgr for the RHEL8 version) and related utilities and install the print queue with available options.
  6. To ensure the application and services get loaded correctly, we recommend you reboot your computer at this point.

When you attempt to print, a Xerox dialog box will be displayed where you can select options like duplex, stapling, and hole punching.

Troubleshooting with SELinux

In some cases where SELinux is set to Enforcing mode, you'll need to tell SELinux to allow printing. One way to do that is to set the printing subsystem to be in Permissive mode, as in sudo semanage permissive -a cupsd_t.

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