Printing overview

LSA Technology Services provides a wide variety of print services throughout the college. Below is a brief overview of the print services we currently support.

3D Printing

We are equipped with multiple extrusion printers capable of printing objects up to 10 inches square. They can print in layers as thin as 100 microns and use either ABS or PLA material.

We provide this service without charge to faculty, staff, and students. You are responsible for obtaining and providing your own print material cartridge and USB key; LSA Technology Services simply supplies the time and the 3D printer to help you. More information is available on our website.

Local and Network Printing

LSA Technology Services provides a robust printing infrastructure with support for network and locally connected printers. For network-connected printers, LSA Technology Services partners with campus Information Technology Services (ITS) to provide a service called “MPrint.” MPrint allows LSA community members to print from their computer or mobile device to many of the supported networked printers within the college and campus. For more information about our printing service, please see our knowledge base article.

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