Accessing the Econ Windows terminal server (Xerxes)


How to access the Economics Windows terminal server (LSA Xerxes2) within the LSA Environment.


Department of Economics graduate students

Operating Systems:

  • Mac
  • Windows


For Windows, you must be running Windows 10 v22H2 or later.  The Remote Desktop Connection client is built in to Windows.

For MAC, you must be running macOS X version 13 (Ventura) or later.  Additionally, MAC users will need to download/install the Microsoft Remote Desktop software from the App Store.

IF you are going to connect from off campus, then the first thing you will need is the U/M VPN Client installed on your computer (Windows/MAC).  If you do not have this, you can find it here:  VPN

Choose the version of VPN for your Operating System and follow the instructions for installation.

Once installed, you will need to connect to the U/M VPN (you only need to use the option “UMVPN - Only U-M Traffic”)

IF you are on campus and connected via wired ethernet cable or MWireless - you DO NOT need to connect with the VPN first.

For Windows:

  • Click on START, then type Remote Desktop Connection; then click on the application.  
  • In the Remote Desktop Connection window, in the Computer field, type in - then hit ENTER or click on the Connect button.
  • When Prompted for login info:
  • If you are on a U/M built computer, for name, put in your <uniqname> then enter your Kerberos (or Level 1) password;
  • If you are on a personal computer, for name, put in UMROOT\<uniqname> then enter your Kerberos (or Level 1) password;
  • If you are prompted for a Certificate, click OK to proceed.
  • At this point, you should be logged onto LSA-XERXES2.

For MAC:

  • Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop application
  • Click the “+” icon
  • Select PC
  • For PC Name, type in
  • Click Add User Account
  • For User Name, type your UMROOT\<uniqname>
  • For Password, enter your Kerberos (or Level 1) password
  • Depending on on your preference:
  • Under Display - uncheck Start in full screen
  • Check Fit session to window
  • Click Save
  • Double Click on the newly created Icon with the name of the computer you entered in steps above.

Please note: Access to this server is limited to Econ Masters (MAE) students, Econ PhD students, and a few others by special request to the ECON Admin Department. 


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