Sharing lecture recordings with a specific individual


The Lecture Recording system can now allow each recording to be shared only with specific viewers. Once adjusted, only students who have been granted access will see available recordings when following the navigation tab from Canvas. Should you elect to remove the link between the Lecture Recording and Canvas sites, you still have the option of following a streamlined procedure for sharing a link to any recording.


LSA Lecture Recording enabled podiums


  • In order to manage this access, we'll first need to adjust the settings on your Lecture Recording site.
  • Go to and select the Site Info option attached to any course. Look for the Permissions module toward the bottom of the left column on the next page, then check the box for Explicit Permissions Only and click Save.
  • Scroll to the top of the Site Info page and select the Recordings tab. Find a recording you would like to share with a specific viewer or set of viewers, then click the Share option.
    • In the first field of the pop-up window, enter the uniqnames or email addresses of any individuals you would like to add as viewers, separated by a space or comma, then click Add. The window will update to show the name of each person being added along with a gray calendar icon and a red x. The calendar icon enables the option to add an end date for each viewer's access; selecting the red x will remove their access altogether.
  • Below the list of names is a checkbox labeled Notify people. Checking this box will send each listed person an email with a link that is only accessible by their DUO-authenticated accounts, and cannot be shared with others (a useful feature if this site is not linked to the corresponding Canvas course site).
  • It might be worthwhile to mention this during class a few times so that students are aware that it is an option if they have to miss a session, while also letting them know that your approval will be required before they will be able to see any content when following a link from Canvas.
  • If there are any questions, please contact LSA's Lecture Recording team using and selecting Asking A Question or Reporting An Issue.


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