Installing ClinicTracker on MARI Computers



The Psychology Department is partnering with the MARI Clinic and has supplied several LSA-owned computers for use with this collaboration. ClinicTracker must be installed on any computer that will be used for this purpose.


LSA-owned computers


ClinicTracker installer

Contact David Sandu ( & CC Aaron Soule ( to request the ClinicTracker installer. David and Aaron is in charge of granting users MARI access.


Image the computer with LSA Core image 

After loading the LSA core image, uninstall "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client", and download UM-VPN Client and install it.


Install ClinicTracker

  1. Have mari-ctupdate added as an admin and apply that to the machine before doing the install and such.

  2. Download the folder "ClinicTracker ClientInstall" from Dropbox to the desktop.

  3. Run ClinicTrackerInstallerBootstrap.exe as an administrator.

    1. Leave the info in step 1 of the bootstrap installer unchanged.

    2. Complete step 2.  Steps 2a and 2b are not needed unless there are issues with the installation in step 2. 

      • Unfortunately, there are always issues with step 2.  So, we recommend running step 2b first to install Crystal Reports.  When that's done, run step 2 of the bootstrap installer and it should install correctly.

    3. Click step 3b to install the Embedded Web Browser.

    4. In Step 4, change the SQL Server Instance name to MARI-CTSERVER.  Click Verify and make sure it connects successfully. 

    5. Complete step 5 to install the Auto-Update portion of the program.  It will give you a message when it's done.

    6. Click Close Installer. Don't open ClinicTracker right away. Give it a minute to update to the latest version (the auto-updater should run right after the installer is closed. Mari-ctupdate is required for this now).  There's no visual indication of when it's done, but you can find the ClinicTracker auto-update task in Task Manager and will see its activity drop to zero.


Accessing ClinicTracker

  1.  Using an Ethernet cable connection, have the user log in to the laptop with their uniqname and password.

  2. Launch UM VPN, choose "UMVPN - All Traffic" and click on "Connect" 

  3.  Manually map the T: drive with the path \\\ClinicTracker with the following settings

    • Check "Reconnect at login" 

    • Check  "Connect using other credentials" 

    • Have user log in with UMROOT\uniqname

  4.  Run ClinicTracker from the icon on the user's desktop.

  5.  The first time a user logs in, they will need to set up a connection profile.

    • In the Name field, fill in MARI, and for the Path, enter T:\Live\ 

    • Click Save & exit ClinicTracker, then restart ClinicTracker to verify the information was saved and the application is working.

  6.  Map P: drive with path: \\\mari-shared (the P drive might be mapped automatically)

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