Linking Dropbox at U-M to your Linux computer

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Before Dropbox at U-M is available as a folder in your home directory or in your graphical file manager, your computer must be connected to the Dropbox account.


Using your University of Michigan Dropbox account from a Linux computer 



Dropbox at U-M


  1. First, the Dropbox software must be installed. You may need to do that yourself, or it may be pre-installed. This is covered in a separate article
  2. The following steps should only be necessary once, the first time you run Dropbox.
  3. From the command line, run dropbox start
  4. This should return the URL of the site you need to visit to link the account to your computer
  5. Paste that URL into a web brower, and log in with your U-M email address.
  6. Now your computer should be linked
  7. You should find a folder in your home directory and file manager called 'Dropbox (University of Michigan)'


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