Linking Dropbox at U-M to your Linux computer

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Before Dropbox at U-M is available as a folder in your home directory or in your graphical file manager, your computer must be connected to the Dropbox account.


Use your University of Michigan Dropbox account from a Linux computer.


  • Linux
  • Dropbox at U-M


If you are just starting out with Dropbox at U-M, be sure that you have an active Dropbox at U-M account by visiting this link.

The following steps should only be necessary once, the first time you run Dropbox:

  1. First, the Dropbox software must be installed. You will probably need to do that yourself, but it could be pre-installed in some cases. This is covered in a separate article.
  2. From the command line, run: dropbox status
  3. This should return the URL of the site you need to visit to link the account to your computer.
  4. Paste that URL into a web browser, and log in with your U-M email address.
  5. Now your computer should be linked.
  6. You should find a folder in your home directory and file manager called "Dropbox (University of Michigan)."


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