About LSA CLIF Notes



The CLIF ("Collaborative Lab Information Facts") project provides a standardized methodology and data store for maintaining information about the resources held by research groups. It is intended to be a collaboration between researchers and the LSA Technology Services support organizations for the delivery of more efficient and effective support.

CLIF is intended to maintain curated documentation (CLIF Notes) of value to both members of the research group and support staff.

  • Information on the technology used in a research lab is quickly available for IT support.
    • This enables IT to provide more accurate, rapid assistance
    • Atypical customizations are documented and available to all lab and technology staff with more consistent support results.
    • Improves confidence for IT personnel that they can work in a lab without causing problems
    • Faster resolution time for requests and issues.
  • Helps with the orientation of new team members by sharing curated documentation with them.
    • New team members can be productive more quickly
    • Faculty and their teams have confidence that their IT support people clearly understand their needs and environments.


Laboratories and other research groups.


This section describes the steps to take to maintain the standard set of documents.

  • There is a stub article in the public KB, with a link to a Google Doc. The presence of the public article makes it easy to find, but access to the Google Doc is limited to the specific research group and appropriate LSA Technology Services support staff. 
  • Technology Services staff will initially populate the Google Doc with standard information and will allow members of the research group to add specific information if they ask to be able to do so.
  • Researchers are encouraged to participate in maintaining the information and keep it up to date.

Access your CLIF Note

  1. Search for your PI's uniqname or name of your research project in the public KnowledgeBase
  2. Follow the link to the Google Doc 
  3. Alternatively, you can go the document directly by searching in Google Drive or creating a bookmark for your CLIF Note.

Changing public information that appears in the KB

If you would like additional or different information to be publicly available regarding your lab or research project, submit a support ticket, and a Technology Services agent will work with you to edit the article.


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