Editing your own AEM People record

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AEM site owners have the option of enabling or disabling whether individual users can edit their own People records or profile pages. This allows individuals to maintain their own biographies, CVs, course lists (for faculty), and other personal information without requiring the site owner to make them. For LSA Technology Services' purposes, this feature is enabled for the public LSA Technology Services site


Your own People record on an LSA AEM-hosted web site, such as the LSA Technology Services site.


If your site does not have this option available, please submit a ticket to the LSA Web and Application Development Services Team by emailing LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu.

To edit your own LSA-hosted AEM public web site's People record perform the following steps:

  1. If your browser is configured to block third-party cookies then temporarily reset your browser to allow them. This is required for the authentication process.
  2. Navigate to your People record. For the LSA Technology Services site, URLs are of the form https://lsa.umich.edu/technology-services/people/path/uniqname.html.
  3. Click the pencil-in-a-box edit icon () below the picture (or placeholder). It will prompt you to sign in using Google. If there is no pencil-in-a-box edit icon below the picture (or placeholder) then your AEM site does not have this feature enabled. Contact the site owner — or Web Services if you don't know the site owner — then skip ahead to Step 12.
  4. Click the Sign in button.
  5. Enter your email address: uniqname@umich.edu
  6. Click Next. If you aren't already authenticated via Weblogin this should bring you to the U-M Weblogin page. (If you are already authenticated via Weblogin skip to Step 8.)
  7. Log in with your U-M uniqname, password, and Duo 2FA.
  8. You may receive a pop-up from prod.lsa.umich.edu saying "Your Name has successfully logged in." Click OK. You may not receive the pop-up if you revisit the page within a few minutes of a previous successful login.
  9. You should see your People record. If you do, continue with Step 10. If you don't see your People record, then the authentication process probably failed. The most likely culprit is that a required cookie is being blocked. Make sure that all third-party cookies are allowed and repeat the process from Step 4. If you still can't log in then contact the site owner — or Web Services if you don't know the site owner — then skip ahead to Step 12.
  10. Make any desired changes to your:
    • First and last name
    • Phone number (please use the LSA-standard "dotted" notation, xxx.nnn.nnnn)
    • Title
    • Profile photo
    • Biography
    • Office location and hours
    • Web sites text/label and link (up to two are allowed)
    • Social media links (specifically Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linked In, and X (formerly Twitter))
  11. When done making changes, click Submit.
  12. If you allowed them in Step 1, reset your browser to deny third-party cookies.

You have edited your public AEM site's People record. You will receive an email notification confirming the changes. Depending on the number of changes, you may receive multiple emails. Because there are multiple servers on the back end it may take a few minutes for them to synchronize your changes.


At some point during the very first time you follow this procedure Google may ask if you're willing to grant AEM access to your email address and basic profile information. This is required for the authentication process.

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