Accessing the LSA Gateway

This article discusses problems accessing the LSA Gateway intranet site and how to work around them.


Attempting to access the LSA Gateway intranet site provides an LSA-branded 404/Page not found error page instead of expected content:
LSA Gateway 404 page


Any web browser and OS.


The log-in access to the LSA Gateway uses your uniqname and UMICH password. When users log in to the system it uses Shibboleth to query the data warehouse for your official affiliations and only displays the content you’re authorized to see. Access is restricted to U-M faculty and staff with an LSA affiliation (with an exceptions list for sponsored accounts for non-LSA people who need access). Therefore there are two possible resolutions:

  1. Request access from Merlis Nolan, who can add you to the exceptions list until such time as your LSA affiliation is recorded in the data warehouse.
  2. Work with your HR representative to ensure your LSA affiliation is recorded in the data warehouse. Once this is done you should resign from the exceptions list.


The logged-in user has no or conflicting LSA employee affiliation listed in the umichHR record.



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