UMICH passwords


What is a UMICH password? How is it used? Who receives one?


UMICH computing environment in general.


Everyone who gets a uniqname and computing services at U-M gets a U-M Kerberos account and password – also known as “uniqname” – which is used for access to many services across campus such as protected web sites (e.g., email, and so on.

A U-M Windows Active Directory account (also known as UMROOT account) is also automatically created which is used to access other services provided by Windows systems (printing for example). Those systems may need you to use the username “umroot\uniqname” rather than just “uniqname.”

Both accounts automatically get the same username and password, now referred to as your “UMICH Password.”

Additional notes

See the "Your UMICH Password" page for additional information on your UMICH computing account.


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