Moving your computer


What do I do with my computer when I have to move (to a different office, or different building)?


LSA TS recommends that you do as much as you are comfortable with yourself. If you are not comfortable with these steps, your local IT support team will assist you.

Prior to the move

  • Contact LSA TS if you have any computing equipment that should not be moved but sent to property disposition instead.
  • Let your local IT support team know about any networked printers that need to be moved, especially if you are moving to another building.

Moving out

  • Turn the computer off
  • Unplug all the cables
  • Place all the cables and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) into the large ziplock bag the movers will provide for you.
  • If possible, place the ziplock bag in one of the provided crates, as well as any other peripherals that will fit - like computer speakers for example.
  • Make sure all the crates, your computer, monitors, printer (if applicable), and the ziplock bag are clearly labeled.

Moving in

  • Place the computer and monitors on your new desk
  • Plug with cables back in (there is no danger of plugging into the wrong port, as most ports have specific shapes)
  • Turn the computer on.

Doing this yourself will ensure that you do not have to wait for an IT staff to be available. We are happy to assist in any way or course.

Additional Information

For large moves, your department will have a specific schedule, and LSA TS will be present both at the old and the new location. For individual moves, please send us a request by emailing

Please refer to the Facilities & Operations, Resources page on the LSA Gateway for a more detailed moving guide which includes the other aspects of a move.


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