Issues with connection to the Internet


If the Wi-Fi is not connecting to the Internet or if the Ethernet connection is not connecting to the Internet here are some steps to try to resolve the issue. Internet is not working properly, whether it be wireless connection or wired connection. MWireless is not working properly.


Windows, Mac, Wireless



Possible solutions:

  • Restart computer
    • Test out wireless to see if it is working (use Uniqname only, not full email when signing in, and Kerberos password).
  • Remove network and add back.
    • Go into your network preferences and select the wireless network that is not working and remove it (or forget it).
    • Once it's been removed when you click on it to connect again it will ask for a sign in and password.


List of steps to try, if that step doesn't fix the issue try the next one listed here:

  1. Restart computer.
  2. Check cables are plugged in tightly.
  3. Try connecting the ethernet cable to a different port on the wall.
  4. Try a using a different ethernet cable to see if it is a possible defective cable.
  5. Try a different computer to see if the issue is with that specific computer.


Sometimes MWireless has an old password cached (possible cause)

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