Reactivate Microsoft Office when it shows the license has expired


Microsoft Office license has expired and needs to be reactivated


  • Operating System: Windows
  • Software: Microsoft Office


University owned computers need to check in with the on-site Microsoft Office Key Management Server in order to renew their license. If the user's computer hasn't checked in for a long duration (over 6 months), the software will deactivate and wait to check in again.

This can be prevented in the future by connecting the computer to the UMich network via Ethernet, MWireless or UMich VPN every 3 months for 30 minutes. This will give the computer time to check in with the MS Office KMS


  1. Click on the link listed below and download the ITS Microsoft Office Reactivation app.
  2. If you are off-campus, use the UMich VPN to connect to the UMich network. If you are on-campus, make sure you are connected via Ethernet or WiFi to MWireless
  3. Run the program installer and follow the prompts
  4. The last screen should say that it was successful. Click Quit. 


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