Psychology departmental calendars


What departmental calendars does the Department of Psychology have? What are the calendars' addresses?


Psychology departmental calendars in Psych Google Resource account.


The Department of Psychology has the following departmental calendars:

View on website      Room number or description       Calendar address
No 1004H East Hall
Yes 2058 East Hall
Yes 2234 East Hall
Yes 2238 East Hall
No 2463B East Hall
Yes 3021 East Hall
Yes 3254 East Hall
No 3332B East Hall
Yes 4448 East Hall
No 4464 East Hall
No B247 East Hall
Yes B250 East Hall
Yes B254 East Hall
No Pillsbury     
No Chair's Conf. room (1004)
Yes 3rd floor Terrace
No Faculty Awards
No Psych Staff - Out of Office

Additional notes

These calendars have varying access rights. Some calendars can be viewed online on the Department of Psychology web site, and scheduling requests can be made from there. Other calendars are internal. Access is controlled via MCommunity groups administered by the psychology administrative staff.

See also Accessing Psychology Departmental Calendars.


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