Code42 CrashPlan Desktop Backup service


The University of Michigan provides an online desktop backup service powered by CrashPlan. LSA provides this service to all of their faculty & staff at no charge to them. 

CrashPlan is a user-focused service allowing up to 4 computers to be backed up to your account. It is a "set it and forget it" service that does automated online back ups.


Available to all LSA faculty & staff for use on their work computers. 

Requesting the CrashPlan service

To request a CrashPlan account, email or fill out our online request form.

Please do not fill out the request form on the ITS site as this will not route your request correctly. 

Using CrashPlan

You should think of this as a self-service backup and disaster-recovery solution for your data. If you want full protection for a multi-user system, work with with your local support team in LSA Technology Services to help you set things up to ensure that all accounts & data are backed up.

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