Code42 CrashPlan Desktop Backup service

The University of Michigan provides a cloud-based backup solution called Code42 CrashPlan, branded by U-M as the Desktop Backup service.

The Desktop Backup service (you will typically hear it referred to as "Code42" or "CrashPlan") is widely available to LSA employees (not undergraduate students) at no additional charge.

Requesting the Code42 Desktop Backup service

If you want the service for your computer, please request it via a Support Request, not by filling out the form on the ITS site.

About Code42 CrashPlan

Code42 CrashPlan is a user-focused, rather than system-oriented, service. This means you will need to log in with your personal UMICH credentials, but it is possible to back up as many as four machines with the same account. If you run Code42 CrashPlan with your standard account, you will only be able to back up files you own. If you want a complete system backup, the backup must be done by an administrator.

You should think of this as a self-service backup and disaster-recovery solution for your data. If you want full protection for a multi-user system, work with with your local support team in LSA Technology Services to help you set things up to ensure that.

Note that it is not mandatory that the Code42 CrashPlan service account be the same as your uniqname. For example, a group of machines in a research lab can be backed up with a shared AD account.

Using Code42 CrashPlan

Usually you will access the service using the Code42 CrashPlan client software installed on the machines being backed up.

You can also access your account from a web dashboard at

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