Getting started on econstat servers

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Access the econstat compute server pool. Learn about research storage options..


Graduate students of the Department of Economics (PhD or MAE) who wish to compute on Linux.





Connect to or one of the specific pool servers listed below, using your ssh client (platform specific SSH connection instructions are available here). If you have trouble logging in, please for assistance.

Please note: The Econstat pool is only accessible from the Economics wired network, MWireless, and the ITS Login servers. Users accessing econstat pool servers from outside these networks will need to connect to the U-MNet VPN in order to reach the servers.

Pool Servers


Bring Your Own Storage

The econstat pool allows users up to 40 gigabytes of local storage. Exceptions can be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on available storage. Please contact LSA Technology Services if you need a larger quota.

LSA provides research storage to users with a GSRI or GSRA appointment. More information is available here.

Econstat users requesting new research storage should request Dual Protocol (turbo). Once the request has been made, IT staff will assist the user and see that their storage is mounted and available on the servers.

Econstat users who currently have NFS storage should contact LSA Technology Services ( to ensure their storage is configured to be mounted on econstat pool servers.

Econstat users who currently have CIFS storage can contact LSA Technology Services ( for assistance in converting their research storage to Dual Protocol if they wish to use the storage from econstat pool servers.



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