Cannot logon to X2Go on l-lukehyde01

X2Go sessions sometimes get stuck and cause issues establishing new sessions or resuming old suspended ones.


I'm unable to resume X2Go sessions or establish new ones on the server


  • X2Go Client (Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux)


This issue is normally caused by a stuck session. A script has been deployed on l-lukehyde01 to provide a self-service fix.

To invoke the script, connect to l-lukehyde01 with an SSH client. Once you've connected, run the command reset-x2go.

Reset-x2go will list all sessions currently associated with your account and give you the option to stop them individually or all at once. Reset-x2go can then be re-run to verify that all sessions have been terminated. You should then be able to connect with X2Go client and establish a new session.

Additional notes

If you're still unable to connect to l-lukehyde01 with X2Go after running the script and killing your current sessions, please contact LSA Technology Services ( for assistance.


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Wed 5/27/20 10:39 AM
Tue 12/1/20 1:22 PM