Cannot logon to X2Go on l-lukehyde01


X2Go sessions sometimes get stuck and cause issues establishing new sessions or resuming old suspended ones. Users may be unable to resume X2Go sessions or establish new ones on the server


  • X2Go Client (Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux)


A script has been deployed on l-lukehyde01 to provide a self-service fix. To invoke the script:

  1. Connect to l-lukehyde01 with an SSH client.
  2. Once you've connected, run the command: reset-x2go

reset-x2go will list all sessions currently associated with your account and give you the option to stop them individually or all at once. Reset-x2go can then be re-run to verify that all sessions have been terminated. You should then be able to connect with X2Go client and establish a new session.


This issue is normally caused by a stuck session.


If you're still unable to connect to l-lukehyde01 with X2Go after running the script and killing your current sessions, please contact for assistance.


Article ID: 1737
Wed 5/27/20 10:39 AM
Tue 12/19/23 2:45 PM