Accessing Astronomy research storage mounts

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How to access research storage allocations that are mounted on Astronomy desktops and workstations.

Where is /n?

Please note: The /nfs mount replaces the previously used /n mount point. If you require a symlink to /n due to specific links to that location in code, please let us know by emailing 


Astronomy desktops and workstations


Astronomy NFS research storage allocations are configured to mount within /nfs on Astronomy workstations. The actual mount point generally uses the uniqname of the research storage owner, and appears as follows: /nfs/uniqname. This configuration was set up as a part of the Ra migration process, replacing the previously used /n mount point. This was done to more closely match how other services, such as Great Lakes, mount nfs research storage allocations.

If the research storage you are looking for does not appear in /nfs, please send an email to and we will work with you to get the mount configured.


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