What should I do when something is stolen?


This article discusses what to do when any U-M owned property or equipment is stolen. That equipment or property is covered under the Office of Risk Management.

Please note: For our purposes this article focuses on IT related equipment, but the process is similar for just about any U-M property.


Office of Risk Management for U-M owned property only (does not cover personal devices).


There is a $1000.00 deductible for theft, per incident.

  1. Call security (3-1131) to file a report. Get the complaint number (report number).
  2. Call Property Control at Wolverine Towers (4-6251). Give them the property tag #, complaint #, and brief description of the equipment (fax to 7-4262, attention Fred Stauch or Mark Comstock).
  3. Go to the Risk Management website (4-2200). Fill out a Proof of Loss form and send it to them.
  4. Purchase new computer (must be of like nature, not an upgrade).
  5. Get invoice for purchase or statement of accounts to prove that it was replaced.
  6. Get the purchase receipt for the stolen computer.
  7. Send Statement of Account (SOA), receipt from stolen computer, and the account number to be reimbursed to Risk Mgmt, Argus II, 400 South 4th St., Campus, box 4816.


  • As always, your local IT support team can assist you through this process, but you do need to fill out the report with DPS yourself.
  • Risk Management also covers damage. For those claims, see your local IT support staff and they will take care of the process through the Tech Shop.
  • Also, don't forget:
    • If you had personal information stored on the machine and/or you used it to access online accounts (like banking information, Amazon, travel sites, etc.) you will want to change your passwords on all of those sites.
    • You may also want to consider setting up credit monitoring with the 3 credit bureaus just in case someone tries to use your personal information to open fraudulent accounts in your name.
  • See also Theft or Loss Preemptive Measures for Computers


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