Astronomy Undergraduate Lounge computers and storage


What computer resources are available for Astronomy students in the Astronomy Undergraduate Lounge (a.k.a SAS Office, Undergraduate Lab)?


Astronomy Undergraduate Lounge in 417 West Hall



There are 6 computers in the Undergraduate Lounge.

Operating System Computer Name
macOS Canismajor
macOS Canisminor
macOS Camelopardalis
macOS Capricornus
macOS Delphinus
macOS Dorado

Remote Access

The computers are available to connect to via ssh, using the full hostname:

A connection to the umich VPN is required if off campus.

Data Storage

Home directories in the Astronomy Undergraduate Lounge are local to each computer, meaning each Desktop/Documents/Download/etc folders will be separate from one another on each computer. To provide a more accessible storage solution for undergraduates that use the lounge computers, we have set up a MiStorage share that can be accessed from all of the computers.



Undergraduate network storage folders are located in /nfs/astr-undergrad/. Each student has their own folder within that directory.

Example: /nfs/astr-undergrad/uniqname

User Desktop

On the iMacs in the lounge, students have their network storage folder mounted to the desktop at a point named using their uniqname.

Example: ~/Desktop/uniqname/


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