Recycling of electronic equipment & related materials


LSA Technology Services - Equipment & Materials Recycling

  • The Engineering, Sight & Sound Operations and Hardware Lifecycle teams engage in organized recycling of technological resources. 

  • Used equipment, accessories, and various industrial materials are either sent to Property Disposition via MH B320 and B334, or by pre-arranged pickup from other specified rooms or loading docks.

  • Above and beyond compliance with UM recycling policies, repurposed equipment and recycled materials translate into money for our department, the College and the University of Michigan.

  • By improving our system and spreading the word, we will establish a model for other LSA units and departments to emulate.

UM Property Disposition - two main categories

  • Assets (inventoried, with bar code sticker)
  • Devices & accessories (non-inventoried, packed in cardboard boxes rather than loose) including:
    • Wireless keyboards & mice
    • Presenter remotes & USB “dongle” receivers
    • Miscellaneous electronic equipment, components, parts

Materials Recycling

  • Packaging - paper, cardboard, plastic, No.6 styrofoam - in large blue cart (31”x 44”), MH B320 
  • Batteries (alkaline, expired rechargeable, computer) - in white buckets, MH G314
  • Projector lamps (aka bulbs) - in white buckets, MH G314
  • Toner cartridges - in cardboard with plastic liners, MH Loading Dock 
  • Wire and cabling - in cardboard boxes, MH B334
  • Industrial scrap metal - blue plastic cart (33”x23”) at back of the Shop, MH B334
  • Styro No.6 is recyclable - must be bagged
  • Presently, all other Styrofoam goes to the landfill

Mason Hall Loading Dock: 

  • Blue dumpster - Recyclables
  • Brown dumpster - Landfill trash

Arrangements for pickup of electronic recyclables from other campus locations:

Each LSA unit should direct Dispo/electronic recycling to their regional IT shop. Items are collected and sent to the Hardware Lifecycle team for decommissioning, then to our Asset Manager for documentation and coordination with Property Disposition.

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