How to request Lecture Recording if the form is not available


Instructions for requesting Lecture Recording if you are not able to access the online form. 

If you are having issues with your University of Michigan profile not allowing access to certain pages or forms, we recommend getting in touch with your departmental admin team in order to get the access associated with your uniqname/UMID straightened out.


LSA Lecture Recording enabled podiums 


Please send an email to with Lecture Recording Request as the subject/title. In the body of your message, please answer the following questions so that we may get your Lecture Recording site created:

1. What is the Subject of your course? (For example, if you were teaching a Comparative Literature course, this would be COMPLIT)

2. What is the course catalog # of your course? (For example, if you were teaching ECON 200 001, the catalog # would be 200)

3. What is the section # for your course? (For example, if you were teaching ECON 200 001, the section # would be 001)

4. What is the room you have been scheduled in?

5. Would you like captions to be automatically created and approved?

6. [OPTIONAL] What is the URL for this course's Canvas site? (Copy the full web address from the browser and paste it here)

7. Is there anything else we should know to create a Lecture Recording site for your class?

Once we have these answers, we will be able to schedule recordings. Answers to the first three questions are necessary, the rest are optional but help to streamline Lecture Recording service provision for you throughout the semester.

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