Copying lecture recordings from one site to another


Instructions for transferring recordings between courses


LSA Lecture Recording enabled podiums 


  • Visit and select the Manage Recordings option associated with their course you want to copy the recording FROM.
  • Find the recording to be copied from the list on the following page, then click on the corresponding Copy/Move button.
  • A pop-up window will appear asking for the name of the site to copy it to and give the option to retitle the recording.
  • Type the name of the destination Lecture Recording site (and modify the recording's title if desired), then click the COPY button.
  • Caution: While moving the recording outright is possible, it does add a degree of difficulty in researching and correcting any mistakes. We strongly recommend that recordings are only copied.. 
  • Only the owner or anyone they have granted managing permissions to will be able to complete this process. If the Lecture Recording team is asked for this by anyone other then these defined people, approval will be requested from the owner of the recording.
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