Using Lecture Recording to film the chalkboard or whiteboard


Instructions for requesting capabilities & filming chalkboards or whiteboards with Lecture Recording


LSA Lecture Recording enabled podiums


  • If filming of the whiteboard or chalkboard was not specified when Lecture Recording was requested, go to and select the Create Recording option for the desired course. 
  • On the following page, click the blue button labeled Connect to the capture system.
    • If a course uses multiple spaces, select the appropriate room from a drop down list.
  • From here, the camera angle can be adjusted using the arrows, or zoomed in and out using the + / - buttons.
  • When satisfied with the new camera angle, click the Set Preset button, then the Default button. This will now be the position the camera defaults to when recording begins for your course.
    • If another course is using the room at the time, you will not be able to interact with the camera and will need to try again later.
  • Please keep in mind that using the board could make it more difficult for viewers to read in the video image depending on the size and thickness of the writing, the cleanliness of the writing surface, and distance between the camera and the board.
  • As an alternative, we strongly recommend using the document camera on the podium if possible. Pen or marker on plain white paper is generally very legible in lecture recordings, and when using Zoom. 
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