Requesting Lecture Recording for an event or other non-class session


Instructions for requesting the Lecture Recording service for events that are not classroom instruction. 


Please note: If you have already requested an LSA technician, please ask for Lecture Recording through your existing ticket in order to keep all communications regarding the event together and organized. 

  • Visit
    • Verify your reserved space is in the list of spaces at the bottom of the page, then click the button at the top of the page that says Request Lecture Recording for Classes and Events
  • Enter the name of your event in the Subject field, then copy and paste it into the fields for catalog and section numbers.
  • The next several fields are preferences that mostly impact classes, so feel free to skip those if they do not seem relevant to the needs of the event.
  • In the details section, please list:
    • the room you have reserved and on what date(s)
    • the time you would like recording to start
    • the time you would like recording to end
    • anything else you think we might need to know in order to effectively schedule recording for your event.
  • If you feel that your event needs assistance from an LSA technician, one may be requested using this form. Be advised that having an assigned technician is subject to staff availability.
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