Checklist for recording lectures effectively


Checklist to make sure lectures are recorded effectively. 


LSA Lecture Recording enabled classrooms, conference rooms & auditoriums 


Lecture Recording is mostly an automated process, typically scheduled in advance. While in the room, patrons only need to worry about three elements to make sure their lecture recordings occur successfully:

  1. The Microphone. All microphones in the room - worn, hand held or mounted in the ceiling - are connected to the system and must be active in order to record anything being said, even if they are not needed for amplifying the voices of participants in the room.
  2. The Projector. The Lecture Recording system will record anything projected onto the screen. Additionally, Zoom (and other streaming platforms) will acknowledge the projector as a second screen. If you need to hide the image on the screen, please select another source from the touch panel rather than image mute. Image mute will simply close the shutter on the projector and not stop the signal from being recorded.
  3. The Camera. Be aware of where the camera is in the room. It is typically hanging from the ceiling somewhere in the back half of the room or in the window of the technician's booth (depending on the venue). Playing to the camera is not necessary, but if it is not pointed in your direction please let someone know.
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