Publishing lecture recordings


Instructions for publishing lecture recordings


LSA Lecture Recording enabled classrooms, conference rooms & auditoriums  


If lecture recordings are not set to publish automatically, this will need to be done manually before any students can view them.

To do this, go to, then click the Manage Recordings option for the class that needs recordings published. This will open a page with all of the recordings that have been made in the site so far, regardless of their availability to viewers.

To manually publish your recordings, click on the cloud icon associated with any recording to open the Quick Publish Menu. If the cloud is grey with an x inside, it is unpublished; if it is green with a check mark, anyone with approved access to that link can see the recordings. There is a third option to schedule a recording to be published at a specified date and time in the future. Recordings can also be set to un-publish after a specified date.

When publishing, please allow at least 20 minutes for the recording to process into a usable web file before letting your students know it is available.

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