SSC - HR - Recruitment Process - Remote I-9 Request


Please use this form to request a Remote I-9.   

To ensure the Remote I-9 service is completed on time, it is recommended you request remote I-9 service two weeks prior to the employee start date.

Federal law requires that an in-person meeting must occur in order to complete an I-9.  This meeting is required for all I-9’s including those for remote employees.  The remote I-9 process does NOT remove the federal requirement of meeting in-person to complete the I-9.   

The Remote I-9 process is only available in situations where an employee is not near a University of Michigan campus or facility.  The employee must be working outside of driving distance from one of the University of Michigan campuses.

Before submitting the remote I-9 request form:  

  • Hiring Departments must submit the request on behalf of the employee.  Employees should not submit a request themselves, these cannot be processed.  
  • The employee’s background check (if applicable) must be complete.
  • The employee’s start date must be at least 2 weeks (but not more than a month) from the day of submitting a request.
Click here to submit a Remote I-9 Request


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