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Up to six weeks of paid maternity (childbirth) leave is available to eligible birth mothers, while up to six weeks of paid parental leave is available to all eligible parents and legal guardians of children, including birth mothers who have also taken maternity leave. You may use this form to request either maternity or parental leave, or both. Please visit this page for more detailed information and instruction on filling out the form.

Before submitting this form, please review complete policy and eligibility information at


Use this form to process maternity (childbirth) and parental leave requests for campus staff. Paid maternity (childbirth) leave is available to all birth mothers following childbirth. Paid parental leave is available to birth mothers, non-birth parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, and legal guardians who meet eligibility criteria.

This form can be completed on behalf of yourself or someone else. To ensure timely access to appropriate leave banks, submit this form as soon as possible following a birth, adoption, foster care placement, or legal guardianship. A confirmation email to the staff member and supervisor will provide follow-up instructions about time reporting for maternity (childbirth) and parental leaves.

Please note: requests for Michigan Medicine staff should be directed to the Michigan Medicine HR Solutions Center.

If you have experienced a stillbirth or a surrogacy pregnancy, please contact your local HR representative for further support

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