SSC - HR - Mortgage Institution Information Request


Use this form to request completion of Fannie Mae form 1005, or similar form. To decrease processing time, we do not include boxes 1-6 in our response. Please click here for an example of the SSC's verification of employment form for mortgages.

You will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Upload a signed authorization

  2. Provide identifying information specific to the employee. Identifying information includes the employee’s UMID, DOB, and/or last 4 of SSN.


Please note, due to company policy, we cannot answer the following questions:

*Box 11 - Probability of continued employment

*Box 14 - If overtime or bonus is applicable, is its continuance likely?

*Box 16 - Date of applicant’s next pay increase

*Box 17 - Projected amount of next pay increase

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