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MiVideo Mediaspace

My Media is the location for managing your video, audio, and image files in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.


How to copy UM Zoom Cloud Recordings into My Media library 


The ITS-Zoom team developed a tool that allows you to select which UM Zoom Cloud Recordings you want to copy over into your My Media library. The tool performs the copying for you, you no longer need to download the Zoom recording and then upload the recording into My Media. 

See the Zoom Recordings Manager webpage for more information and to begin copying your recordings.

Why do I manually have to select which Zoom Recordings I want copied over to My Media, can't I automatically have all recordings copied over to My Media?
UM Zoom is HIPAA compliant as well as permitting other kinds of data types that MiVideo may not permit. Therefore, it is up to you to determine on a per-recording basis which recordings are appropriate for storage in MiVideo. See the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services webpage for more information about what data types are permitted in these tools.

Will captions generated by Zoom copy over with the recording to My Media?
No. Captions generated by Zoom are not able to be used by MiVideo for accessibility reasons. Therefore, if you would like for your video to have captions once it is in MiVideo, you must request captions after the media is copied over. See the Order Captions for Media article. 

What if my Zoom recording was saved on my computer's local hard drive instead of the cloud?
You will not be able to use the Zoom Recordings Manager tool, instead upload the media file directly to your My Media. See the Upload Media to My Media article.

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See related My Media articles for more information about using your media library.

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