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This article is to assist customers and support staff with instructions on how to delete channels in a U-M Slack workspace.



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How can I delete a channel in Slack?


U-M Slack Channels can only be deleted by Workspace Admins. Members or guests of a U-M Slack Workspace should reach out to the Workspace Admins of the workspace the channel is located within to request the channel be deleted.

Note: The channel and its messages cannot be recovered once deleted. You should archive the channel if you wish to retain the messages.
Note: A Workspace Admin will need to be a "member" of a private channel in order to delete it. 

There are two ways in which channels can be deleted: from within the workspace (i.e. Slack desktop app or Web interface) or the workspace settings page. Channels cannot be deleted using the Slack mobile apps. (i.e., Android or iOS). Workspace Admins should follow the steps below for deleting channels.

Using Slack Desktop App or Web Interface:

  1. Right-click (Macs: control-click) on the channel from the channel list in the side-bar and select "View channel details" from the menu.
    (Alternatively, you can open the channel and click the channel name at the top of the conversation pane.
  2. Click the "Settings" tab in the channel details window.
  3. Click "Delete this channel" at the bottom of settings list.
    • ​​​If you do not see this option, then you may need to scroll down; otherwise, you are not a workspace admin and do not have the proper permissions to do so
  4. Select the "Yes, permanently delete the channel" checkbox and click the "Delete Channel" button.

Using Workspace Settings & Administration:

  1. Open the Workspace Setttings & Administration page.
    (See U-M Slack Workspace Settings & Administration for instructions.)
  2. Click "Manage channels" under the "Administration" section on the left-side of the page.
  3. Click the ellipses "..." next to the channel name.
  4. Click "Delete channel"
  5. Select the "Yes, permanently delete the channel" check box and click the "Delete Channel" button.

Additional Information

Note: For channels created in the Maize & Blue workspace, you will need to remove everyone from the channel (You will not be able to remove yourself as the last person from the channel). After 60 days of inactivity the Slack team will review periodically for inactive channels in Maize & Blue and delete them.

Additional instructions on this from Slack are available at https://slack.com/help/articles/213185307-Archive-or-delete-a-channel#delete-a-channel

Need additional information or other assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.



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This article is to assist customers and support staff with instructions on how to archive channels in a U-M Slack workspace.