Remote Office Hours Queue Error: "You cannot disallow the following meeting types"



Remote Office Hours Queue (ROHQ)


I tried to disallow a meeting type in my Remote Office Hours Queue, but I get an error: "You cannot disallow the following meeting types until the meetings using them have been removed from the queue: [meeting type]". 


This error appears if you have at least one Meeting in Queue that uses the meeting type you are attempting to disallow. You cannot disallow the meeting type if it is in use by an unstarted (queued) meeting. Once a meeting has been started (Meeting in Progress), the meeting type may be disallowed.

  1. Navigate to your queue management page a review your Meetings in Queue to see which meetings use this meeting type. Refer to the Details column, which shows the meeting type of each meeting.
  2. For each meeting that uses this meeting type, choose ONE of the following options:
    • Finish meeting with the attendee by clicking Create Meeting or Ready for Attendee, meeting with the attendee, and then removing the meeting by clicking the red trash icon. 
    • Remove the meeting by clicking the red trash icon (Only do this if you know that the attendee is no longer expecting to meet with someone! This will remove them from the queue and they will lose their spot in line!)

Additional Information

  • Wait to disallow the meeting type until you and any other hosts are finished hosting meetings in your queue for the day. This will minimize the possibility that there will be an active meeting that uses the meeting type you are trying to disallow at the time you make the change.
  • For video conferencing meetings (Zoom), removing the meeting in ROHQ does not remove it from your account in the video conferencing service. If you recorded the meeting or want to pull reports, those will still be available to you directly in the video conferencing portal (i.e. for Zoom).



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